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Current & former pupils, their parents & partners are invited to submit their testimonials to us via email or by post.

I highly recommend Noman as a driving instructor. He is patient, encouraging and gives clear instructions. I had my first driving lesson mid July 2012 and passed first time a few months later in November. Excellent result! Very Happy.
As an adult I was very frightened to learn to drive because I'd had a car accident in my adolescent years. I had put off driving for as long as possible until eventually circumstances necessitated it. I'm so happy that Noman was my instructor as he was patient, sensitive and considerate. It took me weeks to build up to 30 miles per hour but Noman gently guided me through the process building up my confidenence. He was understanding of my fear and also great company in the car with a fun sense of humor. As a result of Noman's patient training, I am now a daily driver. I would highly recommend Noman.
Lilith - Adult learner with fear of driving
I am very happy with Driveability Driving School, passed my test first time. Noman is a brilliant instructor, very experienced and patient. I highly recommend Driveability Driving School to everyone.

Before I had lessons with Noman, I had two previous instructors but, due to time and circumstances, it just didn't work out. Also, as I had passed my theory just under two years ago, I hadn't driven since.

However with Noman as my driving instructor, I felt comfortable and relaxed straight away. He has been an incredible instructor and in just under a month I've gone from having no experience at driving for two years to passing my test which has been down to his commitment, encouragement and flexibility. He is a brilliant instructor and very helpful. I can't believe I've passed my test the first time I've taken it and I'm so grateful for all his help and the advice he has given me.


I would highly recommend Noman as a driving instructor. I was petrified of driving after losing a friend in a car accident and Noman got me over my fear of driving, got me over my fear of roundabouts and got me through my test to a pass!!

He is very calm, patient and will ALWAYS take time to explain things to you properly. I have had my fair share of driving instructors but trust me when I say no one beats Noman!


I would highly recommend Noman as a driving instructor to all. Having not driven a car in nearly 3 years after last having lessons with a different instructor, I was initially very cautious about going back out on the road to pass my test. However, through Noman's very approachable and practical ethos of driving through safe preparation I was, within a matter of weeks, driving with a confidence that I had not experienced before.

I would like to thank Noman very much for all his hard work, patience and sharing of in-depth road knowledge to help me pass my test. I didn't just pass a test; through Noman I learnt to really enjoy driving again.


Noman was the best driving instructor that I could have asked for. Despite my initial lack of steering control (and inabiiity to use the clutch), he remained calm and never made me nervous or panicked. This enabled me to progress quickly and become a confident driver. I would especially like to thank Noman for the flexibility that he offered me in the times of my lessons and for always staying positive with me.

Did 10 lessons with Noman and learnt all I needed to know to drive! Great instructor. Highly recommended! Helped me pass first time!!!
It has been an amazing journey of learning essential driving skills that one requires to pass the test! Noman is a great instructor with a lot of patience and one feels comfortable from the very first lesson. He is passionate about teaching and makes sure his students pass the test at the first attempt! If I can do it so can you. You just need to be with the right instructor and in my case Noman was my best choice!
My son drove with Noman, and with his excellent tuition and patience passed his driving test confidently. A great person to have taught my 17 year old son. Thanks again Noman!
Alison (Max's mum)
As a nervous driver it was quite an accomplishment when I passed my test and it is with such thanks to Noman who was patient and a brilliant teacher that got me there! When I first started driving I never thought I would be able to say that I would enjoy driving and although it was a slow process I now enjoy it. When I first started driving it was with a different instructor and I don't think I would be in the position I am today with a pass certificate if it had not been for Driveability and Noman's encouragement and patience. Thank you so much!!
I am so glad that Noman was my instructor because he is very professional and an amazing person. He explains everything so clearly and he has a lot of patience. I'd definitely recommend him to everyone who is looking for a driving instructor.
Noman was such a great driving teacher, I was learning for a while but he stayed patient and never rushed me, he was always calm and taught me everything very well, I would recommend him.
Noman is an excellent instructor. He is extremely patient - and tells great stories! Even though I was really nervous to begin with, he made me feel very comfortable. His instructions are really clear and he was particularly good at teaching me to park. He also helped me prepare for the theory test in our lessons, and I passed both the theory and the practical driving tests first time. Noman has been very generous and flexible with his time enabling me to fit in learning to drive around a busy school timetable. I would definitely recommend Noman.
Henry Peate
Noman is a great teacher, he was encouraging and patient with me and was able to explain things I didn't quite get in a clear and detailed manner. I would highly recommend him as an instructor, my lessons were interesting, educating and not daunting at all!
Noman went above and beyond my expectations. He is an instructor who cares about developing your skills and building your confidence. Noman was able to tackle any problems a learner driver faces on the road and talks you through it.
Thank you Noman, it was a pleasure and a privilege to learn from you. I would gladly recommend Noman to anyone looking for a patient, calm and knowledgeable driving instructor.
I would very much recommend Noman to anybody to teach you to drive. He is a very fun and enjoyable instructor to learn from ...
I passed my driving test first time thanks to Noman's excellent teaching! I would 100% recommend DriveAbility Driving School to anyone. Noman is a fantastic guy, he's very patient when you make mistakes and his teaching methods are simple and effective. It was a pleasure learning from him and I appreciate all of his help and advice that he gave me along the way.
I honestly can't recommend Noman enough as a driving instructor. His explanations were always clear and easy to understand, making my lessons less stressful and more enjoyable. Right before my test, he remained calm, even after watching me butcher a forward bay park multiple times. Despite this mistake, and countless others, he was encouraging and patient, giving me the confidence I needed. Thank you!
Flo Brockman
I would highly recommend Noman as a Driving Instructor as he is very clear on his instructions, patient, punctual and encouraging. I passed my driving test first time thanks to him. He was my fourth instructor and I'm glad I used him instead of the others. If it wasn't for his way of teaching I wouldn't have progressed the way I did and certainly wouldn't have passed. I highly urge everyone to use him.
Charlie Newell
I would highly recommend Noman as a driving instructor. He gives clear constructive feedback on your driving as you develop, also really helps to get the test done. I am hoping his 100% post Covid record long continues !

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